During the early 2000s, when I was at high school and the first few years of university, I struggled to keep pace with contemporary gaming. I didn’t really “have my shit together” as you might say — like many young people, I was fairly irresponsible with the meagre funds I had available to me, and I just couldn’t afford to upgrade my PC hardware. However, games being the great passion that they are for me, I found a way to overcome my PC hardware limitations.

One of the outcomes of my situation was that I relied on internet cafes for my modern gaming fix (a topic that deserves an article in its own right). Another outcome, and the topic of this article, is that I began to look to the classics of the past for my gaming fix. In hindsight, this is probably one of the most important and formative stages of my life in games. …


Gavin Annand

At some point in about 1989 I played my first videogames on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum. This was the beginning of a lifetime obsession with games...

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